Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1st Hi...

hello everyone i will going to post some news..
here about the television shows in the philippines
whats happening
and what is the greatest show here now
please stay tune
and visit here
for more information
you can know more by reading my articles just for now this is the first
this is my start

my truely objective is to show
over the world using internet how Philippines good in making tv series such as
drama, actions, comedy

Philippines is one of the progressing country
and one of the talented persons and
have so many culture

long time ago in the year of the war
with the Americans and Japanese People
Filipinoes one of the most hobby to forget the trouble
is watching in the cinemas and making movies...

the most two channels now and Popular channel


GMA - Kapuso

ABS-CBN - Kapamilya

so what you like most?

come and comment here now

and wait for the updates.. ^^

your Publisher...


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