Tuesday, March 10, 2009

do destiny exist??

many believes and still believes that destiny is true/...

what is destiny??

Once upon a time when i was a young boy at the age of 3

my father is always telling me some stories about fantasies and destinies...
and i strongly believe in his stories and
i also believe in destiny in that time..
but when my father died...
i ended up believing destiny..

and i asked my self..
does my father destiny is to die???


when i was in first year high school my teacher
in english said that
"life is a matter of choice"

you will be the one who will make your own way your own destiny///

at the present time..

i am a fourth year student..
a graduating student..

in this time im going to angeles city,pampanga into the Holy Angel Univ. to inquire and
pass my entrance form to get my
entrance exam schedule

i once have a girl friend in texting when im 11 y/o and im not able to see her..
i really love this girl..
but the time comes she went to sta. rosa laguna and
the globe prepaid doesnt have signal so
we wont have any communications..

till i go to angeles city..
and i ride in a jeepney to transport me into the university
and i saw a two girl..
smiling.. i didnt have any clue..
until i asked them if they are also going at HAU..
they answered yes..

and when we alight into the jeepney
they asked me if i was ALLEO..
waaaaa??? shocking??/ how did they know??

AHA..!!! and she introduce her self

"ako kaya si keith"


kaya pala nagssmile kasi tinitignan ung i.d ko ^_^

pareho pa color damit namin...!!

after this happeningss...


i therefore conclude that destiny is really exist in this world

in some matters

i love you keith