Monday, February 2, 2009

a short quote

a 4 yeARs oLd AsKEd HEr dAD:
" y dOeS mY lEG cRaMp ANd cUDnt FeEl ANYtHinG?"
dAd aNSWeRED: "Ue LeG BumS NuMB f U LAy sTill ANd DNT mOve BcOZ bLoOd dSnt cIrCuL8 PRopERly."
WeN d GirL TurNEd 16,
She FElL inLove aND exPRieNCeD HeR 1St HEaRtBReAk.
1 DaY, dAd SaW His DaAUGhtER LAyINg StIL WyL hOlDing Her CHeSt.
dAD AsKEd heR:" waT'S wRoNg?"
D gIrL SeD: Im TrYIng 2 maKE mY HeArT cRaMp sO i Cud B nUMb aND wuD b HuRt No More.."


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